Qbr: a success testified by 400 thousand users

Qbr.it has 400 thousand registered users: it’s just the beginning of a great challange

Ciaopeople staff is pleased to announce a new milestone reached by Qbr.it: 400 thousand registered users and a constantly increasing trend thatrewards us for theeffort we put into to the qbrcommunity.

In June 2006,with Qbr, we celebrated 100 thousand subscribers in southern Italy. Since then the community has never ceased to grow at a constantly increasing rate: two hundred thousand users in February 2007, three hundred thousand in September, and today, only six months after reaching our last milestone, four hundred thousand.

However, our CEO, Gianluca Cozzolino, reminds us "we are only at the beginning of this great challenge" and he goes on to point out "what is significant here is not so much the number in itself but the trend, which prepares us for our most important ambition: becoming the most visited Italian social network in the international scene ".

The milestone of 400 thousand users fills us with satisfaction but our ambitions go further. Gianluca Cozzolino speaks on behalf of the entire staff when he says "400,000 users are many, but not enough if we think of myspace or facebook.Netlog and Badoo themselves boast millions of users in Europe. It is among these names that we intend to place ourselves. "

Qbr.it is the largest social network under our management: it combines a chat with the opportunity to create your own profile, upload photos and videos. Today, with 80,000 visitors per day and 400 thousand registered users, it is one of the most numerous communities in Italy and certainly the largest in Central Italy.

After only 1 year since its creation, qbr magazine is visited by about 8.000 visitors a day. We are conqueringItaly with Qbr and we are getting ready to cross the borders with an international platform that we are developing with the same enthusiasm as always. It will be called Ciaopeople.com and it will speak 5 languages:an important and ambitious project which aspires to bring the made in Italy web 2.0 to international success.

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