Eurotech presents the AVL Light

An inexpensive low-power platform for real time vehicle tracking with enhanced communications capabilities

Amaro (Udine, Italy) – April 4th, 2006 – The Eurotech Embedded "AVL-Light" is a low power standard system platform designed for demanding cost sensitive real time vehicle tracking applications. It combines a powerful low power embedded CPU with advanced in-vehicle peripheral and wireless connectivity. Several standard system configurations are available with different wireless/interface options.
Applications can run on Embedded WINCE or Linux operating systems. Board Support Packages (BSP) are available to speed up application development. Mass storage is available inside the AVL-Light for the OS, application programs as well as data storage.
The "AVL-Light" combines 12-channel GPS satellite positioning with wireless cellular communications over GSM/GPRS as well as Wi-Fi (802.11b, g) and data transfer using 10/100Mbit Ethernet. Local I/O expansion or connection to the vehicle bus is possible using the integrated CAN-bus interface.
Interfaces are tailored to meet the most common requirements encountered in AVL and fleet management systems. These include 12/24V signal level optoisolated digital I/0; 4 in each direction, Odometer input for distance measurement, Audio I/O and USB 1.1 port for general device connectivity. Optional interfaces include four general-purpose analog inputs, VGA and a second USB 1.1 port. User or driver identification is possible using an EEPROM based solution.
The "AVL-Light" meets the requirements of EN50155 standard; extended operating temperature range (-25/+55°C with 70°C over-temperature for 10 minutes) as well as being resistant to humidity, shocks and vibrations commonly encountered in vehicle installations.
To improve the mechanical durability locking circular watertight connectors are used. The WLAN, GPS and GPRS antennas use locking R-SMA connectors to increase reliability. Circular locking connectors are used for signal and power I/O. On the backside is a service panel that covers connectors such as the SIM-card slot, USB 1.1 and a reset connector. Access to these connections can be performed without removing the system from its installed location.

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