First "global" film: thousands of Internet users involved

Today sees the launch of a project entitled "The Circle", brainchild of the videoartist Mauro Di Flaviano. It aims to create the first global videoartwork, with the participation of thousands of Internet users throughout the world. The circle, a symbol to be found in all cultures, has been chosen as a metaphor of Nature and Man. On the website, users around the globe can submit a photo based on a circular shape (a face, a ball, a wheel etc.). In June 2006, Mauro Di Flaviano will use the photos submitted to make a film, thus creating the first global videoartwork. The soundtrack will consist of original music specially composed for the occasion by Sandro Di Stefano. The names and countries of origin of all those who contribute to the project will be mentioned in the end titles and the video will be available on Blueray’s internet site.