Eurotech presents the new PCN-1001 Passenger Counter

Eurotech PCN-1001 Passenger CounterA high accuracy solution for reliable bi-directional detection and counting of passengers in public transportation vehicles

Amaro (Udine, Italy) – 8th February 2007 - Eurotech has released the PCN-1001 Passenger Counter that is based on non-contact stereoscopic vision detection technology. This new technology and advanced interpretation algorithm results in a high detection accuracy exceeding 97% under all lighting conditions all year round. The reliable bi-directional counting results in correct and precise data that can be used for statistical or data interpretation. Date and time information can be stored together with passenger count information.

Passenger movement detection in doorways requires the ability to adapt to fast changing or low luminosity lighting conditions. The PCN-1001 optical front panel combines stereoscopic cameras with high luminosity infrared LEDs. This adjustable front panel can be set into different angles making installation easier on non-horizontal surfaces or different sensor positions.

The PCN-1001 supports parallel operation of multiple counters in a daisy-chained configuration for wide doorways. The counters are able to work together in real time with overlapping areas and active detection zones. In stand-alone or daisy-chained operation, a serial RS-485 level communication bus is used to interface the sensors to the host PC of the vehicle. Isolated digital inputs and outputs can be used to control devices on the vehicle, detect door position or to trigger external systems.

Reliable operation and high availability is important in systems for public transportation. The PCN-1001 is enclosed in a solid sealed magnesium enclosure with locking automotive-grade connectors. The rugged construction and wide operating temperature range makes the PCN-1001 an ideal choice for installations in tropical or arctic conditions. Service, reconfiguration and maintenance are easy due to the easily accessible debugging and service interfaces available under the protective cover of the optical panel.

Eurotech manufactures computer systems for public transportation vehicles. The PCN-1001 is intended to work together with a vehicle server that can pre-process, store and upload information from the vehicle passenger counters. Eurotech rugged standard vehicle central units can be used for various on-board computation or data storage tasks such as passenger counting, asset management, security and surveillance, diagnostics and fleet monitoring, wireless communication as well as information services.

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