Memopal: the new online backup service 'Made in Europe'

MemoPal control panelThe new European startup aims at technologically advanced services and extreme efficiency

Memopal ( is a software that automatically and continuously backs up your files on a remote server through a secure internet connection (128 bit encryption), protecting all your files against defects, malfunctions, theft and even human error.

Memopal offers 250 Gigabytes of scalable space for archiving your files and many other services at a price of j ust 99$ (69 Euros) per year.

Memopal was created in 2007 by a group of Italian computer engineers and businessmen thanks to a "seed investment" of 1 million dollars by venture capitalists and European managers.

Today, Memopal is growing at a rate of over 1000 new users a day thanks to the product's hi-tech innovation and the team's work to provide consumers and corporations with exposure to the advantages of this kind of backup: Recently, Memopal's Managing Director Marco Trombetti, spoke about data security and digital information at an OMAT conference with IBM, Poste Italiane, Adobe, Kofax and Iron Mountain representatives.

A European startup with an Italian heart, Memopal's mission is to spread knowledge about online backup - the most efficient way to protect and share company documents.

The service is fully automatic: after deciding what you want to save, Memopal launches when you tur n on your computer. With 280 GB of scalable space available, you can even choose whether you want to just save certain folders or protect your entire PC.

The user can independently restore any lost or damaged file, if it was protected with Memopal. In fact, the system traces all the changes made to a file for a virtually indefinite period of time (file versioning). This means that if you need to restore a document that was overwritten accidentally, simply go back and open the previous versions, which are all available. Memopal does not delete saved files unless the user deletes them.

Memopal was developed with multiuser compression technologies for files. Since every user's computer contains some files or file parts that are identical or similar, (like operating system components): why save similar file or file parts each and every time? Memopal only backs up the identical parts of files once and then it links them to d ifferent users over and over again.

Memopal Global File System (MGFS) has a checksum-based structure and its cross-file compression algorithm is based on specialized vocabulary. It is not only offered at a low price per Gigabyte (about .42$ per year), it also makes transferring faster and safer.

Memopal works in Real Time: whenever you save a file it is backed up online making it available immediately. And that is not all: the MGFS (Memopal Global File System) storage technology used by Memopal contains an advanced semantic search engine for files and a state of the art Content Collaboration System.

Memopal has geographic RAID 5 technology, which provides triple-copy storage in three different continents so that files are even protected against natural disasters.

Memopal is based on a Scalable On-Demand system: the space available can be increased at any time and Memopal doesn't slow your system do wn. Software monitors how many system resources are in use and adjusts to user needs. In the corporate version, Memopal contains a component that balances all of the company's Internet resources, giving priority to main Internet services (web navigation, e-mail and FTP).

One of the most exciting functions is "One-Click Sharing". This system lets you share files measuring multiple Gigabytes with friends and co-workers. Just right-click the file you want to share and your friends will receive an e-mail with a link to the document.

Over the past 10 years, digital content production has grown exponentially throughout the world, confirming the UGC – User Generated Content generation and the trend launched in the mid 90s. Studies indicate that growth will continue and the amount of digital information will grow to billions of Gigabytes: 5 Exabytes (billions of billions of bytes) were created in 2002, 161 Exabytes in 2006 and by 2010 that number is expected to reach 988 exabytes (source: University of California, Berkeley).
The challenge of the century is to succeed in managing and preserving all this information.

Online backup is the answer, thanks to increasingly lower costs for connectivity and storage hardware and thanks to extremely easy-to-use and affordable services.

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