Memopal: a distributed file system for online storage

Memopal: online backupA million dollar seed investment to create a storage platform and distributed file system optimised for online storage: cost-effective, reliable and accessible from the web

Memopal ( is a European start-up created in December 2007 with a seed investment of USD 1 million by business angels.

Memopal has just released a storage and online backup solution, now moving out of private beta. With this single product, Memopal brings to market an online storage solution with real-time sync and a long-term backup. Memopal's idea is to make the cost per GByte so low that it will be cheaper to buy more storage space than delete unwanted files.

For years the mission of many e-businesses has been to organize web data. It is Memopal's wish to create an online storage technology that allows user data to be organized.

Memopal uses MGFS, its own distributed file system.

The main features of MGFS are:

  • Up to 100 million TBytes storable in a single file system.
  • Checksum-based archiving
  • Native data encryption and compression
  • RAID 5-like geographical redundancy
  • Native File Indexing
  • Hot-add scalability
  • Native Hardware Health Monitoring

Memopal includes the following services and featur es:

  • Sync Real-Time: every time the user saves a file it is protected online (if it is in the folders the user has protected using Memopal).
  • Versioning: every time the same file is saved Memopal automatically creates a new version, saving only the incremental data.
  • Search: file searches can be done using a web interface.
  • Single-user – Multi-computer: Users can protect the data of more than one computer. The files are all searchable with the same search engine.
  • 1-click sharing: users can send any of their stored files to friends or colleagues using Memopal. Just click on the file and decide how long or how many downloads the file will be available for. The system automatically creates a link for downloading or sending it by email.
  • Web access: Access via browser or WebDav.

Memopal is now localized in Chinese, English, Frenc h, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Soon will be available in 40 languages.

Memopal already offers a 250 GByte backup solution for desktops for USD 99 a year.

A Developer SDK, Mac and Linux clients will be released in June.

Further information is available on or

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