MSM: exhibition inspired to Sator magic squares for ports and land SL

MSM e Italian Life: mostra itinerante quadrati magici SATORThe Magic Square Museum (MSM) will organize an exhibition inspired to Sator magic squares at "Italian Life" land in Second Life, from the 1st may to the 30 june 2008.

Try to remember when you were students, during math lessons few of you were interessed. The must of you were disappointed en really bored.
So math is essential in our society based on science and computer science.
Math born with filosophy and it's appear in religion and magic.
So why math doesn't interesting?

Magic Square Museum (MSM) was born in Second Life (on "Vulcano" land) with the specific target to make an mathematic mysterious object as Magic Squares is, more interesting.
Photographers, artists and get passionate to you have embraced the supplied plan and, at first their point of view that then has realized in interesting contributions.
MSM has decided to transform the section dedicated to Magical Squares SATOR in one exhibition for ports and land Second Life.

Before the stage will be in the realized Italian land with particular sensibility for the graphical yield: Italian Life
(the extension will be visitabile from the first May to the 30 june to following slurl
Italian Life (79, 122, 20).

You will find the successive stages in famous english and spanish lands.
We are a lot interested to prepare one not virtual but real extension.

What are the Magical Squares?
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MSM in Second Life - Vulcano (89,35,25)
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What is the Sator Magical Squares?
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Italian Life (79, 122, 20)

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Official poster image was maked by Grafiche Valle d'Aosta - Verrès -Italy