Eurotech announces the new Low Power ISIS PC/104+ board based on the Intel® Atom™ processor

EurotechLow Power ISIS PC/104+Eurotech has been working with Intel Corporation as an early adopter of Low Power Intel® Architecture (LPIA) devices. As a result of this work Eurotech have now released the new ISIS single board computer.

ISIS is a PC/104+ format device offering levels of functionality and performance traditionally requiring a high performance x86 board, but at a significantly reduced power consumption to less than 5 watts. This fanless x86 compatibility is achieved by harnessing the low power capabilities of the next generation embedded Intel® Atom™ chipset.

Using Intel's Hi-K 45nm technology the Intel® Atom™ Z500 series processor delivers the benefits of Intel x86 architecture in a robust, ultra-small package with exceptional performance-per-watt. The processor is matched with an Intel® System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W which is a highly integrated device combining a graphics memory controller and I/O controller into a single 22x22 mm package.

A full range of on board peripherals are provided including 8 x USB 2.0 ports, VGA, LVDS, HD-Audio, RS232/422/485, Ethernet, GPIO and IDE. Expansion requirements are well covered by a combination of PC/104 (ISA), PC 104+ (PCI) and PCI-Express Mini Card, so interfacing to real-world I/O or the latest wireless technology is easy.

The ISIS offers a choice of 1.1 and 1.6 GHz processor parts and comes with up to 1GB of DDR2 RAM and up to 4GB of soldered-down Flash for security and durability. Further solid-state Flash expansion is available via an SDIO socket. An optional ITrax300 GPS receiver with full Position/Velocity/Time functionality is also available.

Having all this performance in such a small package is a truly compelling offering that makes the ISIS ideally suitable for applications such as infotainment, interactive kiosks, access control, HMI, medical and industrial control.

A key feature of the ISIS is it's full compatibility with a wide range of desktop and pre-installed, ready to run, embedded operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP/XPe and Linux.

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