Exciting new vision on art: WORLD ART VISION 2008 to be launched in Cancun

WORLD ART VISION logoWORLD ART VISION will take place from 5 to 14 December 2008 at the Cancun Center, Cancun, Mexico. It is the first edition of this contemporary art fair that is to become essential to the art scene of the Americas.

Over 100 artists from 5 continents will participate in WORLD ART VISION, which will feature painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, prints, installation art, video and digital art. Arturo Garcia Bustos and Rina Lazo, who were, respectively, pupils of and assistants to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will be present during the exhibition, therefore bringing an exceptional artistic testimony to WORLD ART VISION: CANCUN 2008.

The idea of WORLD ART VISION comes from a desire to invest in contemporary art in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico; not only to further increase the number of tourists, but also to make it a meeting point for the Americas for collectors, critics and interested parties, to visit a fair where the artists stand beside the art, without the representation of a gallery, to give a vision of contemporary art worldwide. WORLD ART VISION will be located at the Cancun Center, the modern, well equipped exhibition centre located in the heart of Cancun’s prestigious “zona hotelera”, one of the world’s preferred tourist locations.

Sietze Groenewold, fellow artist and member of the Selection Committee of WORLD ART VISION, said “WORLD ART VISION is a chance for individual artists to exhibit their most recent work. But it is also an opportunity to meet with the other artists present and attend the exciting program of collateral events and conferences which are being organized and of course, to meet with the public, visitors, collectors and critics”.

WORLD ART VISION is offering the artists various incentives including discounts on accommodation, travel and local entertainment during their stay in Cancun and two social highlights during the ten day period of the exhibition: the opening Vernissage cocktail and the gala dinner. The gala dinner will be a not to be missed opportunity for all artists and the public to savor Mexican cuisine on the exclusive terrace of the Cancun Center with the accompaniment of the exciting Mariachi.

An important artistic incentive for all participating artists is the opportunity to be part of the Vision Virtual Gallery where their art works will be on sale via the web for the year following the WORLD ART VISION: CANCUN 2008.

The artists who participate in WORLD ART VISION are picked by the Selection Committee, that is made up of important critics, journalists and artists: Fabrizio Borghini, Diana Calvillo, Argelia Castillo, Sietze Groenewold, Betty Jonker, Luisa Noriega, Matty Roca, Agnese Sartori, Mirella Setzu and Giampaolo Trotta. The Artistic Director of WORLD ART VISION is Matty Roca, Mexican art critic and historian and member of AICA. She has said recently, “this is a marvellous opportunity for artists to meet with each other, with the public and potential buyers, Cancun being a resort with extremely high level tourism and trade and we are extremely grateful for the encouragement and for the support given by the Ayuntamiento Benito Juarez Cancun and the State of Quintana Roo in the organisation of this event”.

For further information for journalists prior to the exhibition, please contact the press office:
Studio Abba - Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 Florence - Italy
tel. /fax +39 055 292082 - info@studioabba.com - www.studioabba.com

For artists interested in participating please contact the WAV Organisation team at
info@world-art-vision.com www.world-art-vision.com

WORLD ART VISION will take place from 5 to 14 December 2008 at the Cancun Center, Cancun, Mexico