Gregorio Luke, reputed Mexican art expert, lectures at World Art Vision 2008: Cancun

Gregorio LukeReputed art historian and lecturer, Gregorio Luke, accompanied by the Fridos, disciples of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, will lead a fascinating series of conferences on world famous Mexican artists, at WORLD ART VISION, an exciting ten-day international contemporary art exhibition taking place in Cancun.

WORLD ART VISION is a celebration of contemporary art that offers a glimpse of some of the most cutting edge art on the international scene today. Taking place December 5th to the 14th, 2008 at the Cancun Center Conventions & Exhibitions, Cancun, Mexico, this first edition of the contemporary art exhibition promises to become paramount to the art scene in the Americas.

It is with the same enthusiasm and delight that World Art Vision welcomes Gregorio Luke, lecturer and expert on the life and works of the Mexican masters. Luke will be leading a series of grand conferences featuring mini lessons in Mexican Art History in which he will discuss the life and work of timeless artists like DIEGO RIVERA Monday December 8, FRIDA KAHLO Tuesday 9, JOSE CLEMENTE OROZCO Wednesday 10, DAVID ALFARO SIQUEIROS Thursday 11 and RUFINO TAMAYO Friday 12.

Gregorio Luke, who comes to discuss Mexican art and mark the presence of the Fridos, disciples of Frida Kahlo, is only the first in a series of remarkable guests who are being presented at World Art Vision. He will be participating in events to which all are welcomed and encouraged to join and experience.

Cancun Center Conventions & ExhibitionsMatty Roca, Artistic Director of World Art Vision, said "amongst our exceptional list of guests we have the pleasure of receiving two of the four Fridos; Arturo García Bustos and Arturo Estrada who will be actively participating during various conferences and will be mingling with the WAV public ultimately bringing testimony to a tradition of masters; this is an interesting, and rare opportunity i n the art world, not to miss for those wanting to come into contact with the roots of Mexican modernism in the 20th century and its impact on contemporary art".

World Art Vision is privileged to have Rina Lazo, artist, disciple and colleague of Diego Rivera, and wife and partner of Arturo Garcia Bustos, who will also be in contact with the WAV artists and public, take part in the various events.

WORLD ART VISION is proud to feature this collection of conferences providing an outstanding artistic testimony to what promises to be a central event for international contemporary art in the future.

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