MoesiQuintessenza, Furnishing Fragrances Colours and Forms

Essences and Fragrances produced in Italy with perfumes and natural components. Moesi presents its new Quintessenza Division, fragrances matched with very original ceramic and venetian blown-glass diffusers or proposed in candles and pot-pourri matched with refined items in painted ceramic.

MoesiQuintessenza is the new Division of Moesi dedicated to natural essences and fragrances for the well-being at home. In a sector where the Made in China is very popular, Moesi is able to offer a range of products Made in Italy availing itself of perfumes and natural components (with no added colouring) for the creation of essences and fragrances entirely produced in Italy and matched with very original objects that allow the new Division of Moesi to enter the market of essences and perfumes as useful and original gifts. Furnishing Fragrances, Colours and Forms presented by Sensation and Mediterraneo mother lines.

 MoesiQuintessenza, Furnishing Fragrances Colours and Forms

Moesi Quintessenza Promo Pair and Majorca

MoesiQuintessenza SENSATION: 5 essences (Amber of the Tropics, Bergamot of the Aspromonte, Cinnamon and Orange of Sicily, Vanilla of Madagascar, Lily and Earth of the Mediterranean) presented in exhibition boxes that include a bottle containing 250 ml of essence diluted to 15% in kits of natural wicker sticks, a guarantee certificate and the instructions for use. Five essences matched with ceramic and venetian blown-glass diffusers, for embellishing the environment and creating a suggestive atmosphere.

MoesiQuintessence MEDITERRANEO: 4 essential fragrances (Cocktail of Citrus fruits, Fruit Nectars, Cream of Vanilla, Garden in Bloom) at the base of 11 different arrangements of perfumed Candles and pot-pourri matched with refined items in painted ceramic and presented in gift-set boxes.

Moesi is interior design items in glass design, ceramics design, contemporary objects and bijoux accessories. Moesi proposes innovative items, result of the artisan care with which they have been made. The interior design items and the jewels of the bijoux lines in Murano glass are the result of the work of skilled craftsmen. Unique objects on account of refinement and elegance of the selected materials, entirely Made in Italy. Productions dedicated to the sectors of interior design furnishings, gift items, wedding cadeaux and high-level bijoux.

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