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What are the creativities that paint the Autumn of the fashion accessories and body fashion design - between Luxury and Glamour? What will next Christmas bring? What trends will take their steps in Winter?

Moesi tells the (Hand)Made in Italy of the complement furnishing accessories, of the bijoux and of the fragrances through alchemy of colours, forms and perfumes to outline the contemporary and infinite shades of a Person being, today.

Colours. Turquoise and Coral mixed in the furnace by Murano Masters in the creation of glass jewels to bring to mind the echo of nature, of the sea … and also more ranges of colour – from white to red, from purple to pink, to pearl grey - to move emotions on necklaces and pendants in classic and modern style…

"Echoes of fashion" is Moesi's new face for the bijoux collections Autumn/Winter 2009/2010. With Echoes Of Fashion, Moesi's bijoux will be combined with packaging subtended by three main themes in order to satisfy primary emotion moving each single person in his/her approach to body fashion: simple, sporty, sceneografic. Packaging for Bijoux enhanced by creative designs realized with various techniques to frame the beauty and the reflections of stones, pearls and micropearls in Murano Glass. From the tradition and the uniqueness of the Venetian conteria to the particular pose of crystal in the Italian charms: necklaces with charms hanging on strings of pearls or metal chains; pendants cleverly combined with satin ribbons; necklaces of big visual impact with falls of glass ; necklaces with geometric treats that design a woman of great personality.

Colours. Black, White, Gold, Silver and Bronze. A different colour for each scent, coupled with a delicate design bottle in the same satin colour-theme. A colour to give identity to the bottle design. A non-transparent solid colour to customize the brand-name of the perfume.

With the Collection Selected, selected and refined at the same time, the Moesi Quintessenza Division is built around two exceptional notes: colours inspiring the perfumes and packaging reflecting the tone of the five fragrances WHITE, SILVER, GOLD, COPPER and BLACK: Essence of White, characterized by natural and innocent notes with a fine and floral heart; Essence of Silver, effervescent, fresh, vital and silvery in an elixir of ginger and green tea to clear one's mind; Essence of Gold, a rich blend as precious as the metal itself for exotic and enfolding sensations; Essence of Copper, an impressive tribute to the colours and scents of a wood in autumn; Essence of Black, elegant and mysterious for a wrapping and seductive fragrance.

Colours. Gold and platinum to define the Points of Light of the Luxury Lines coupled with the glamour of the Lines Retro, winking at the decade 1960/1970 and harmonizing attention to detail and forms with the needs of single environments and spaces: design dedicated to define timing and paces of the intimacy of a house or of a workplace.

Lighting Retro, winking at the decade 60-70 of the last century, of a Point of Light that harmonizes attention to detail and forms with the needs of single environments and spaces. The new range of Moesi's Points of Light (see photo, the Die Line) is based on the concept of Lighting in Interior Design, according to which the Point of Light becomes an element of harmony with the environment of which it is an integral and indispensable part . Therefore, refined design to characterize environment transitions and to highlight "form and substance" of a single space. This is the concept applied by Moesi also to its first Luxury proposal: a line characterized by "third fire" ceramic uprights plated in speckled gold sequin (available also in platinum) with lampshades in golden lamé.

Moesi is interior design items in glass design, ceramics design, contemporary decorative objects and bijoux accessories. Moesi proposes innovative items, result of the artisan care with which they have been made. The interior design objects and the jewels of the bijoux lines in Murano's glass are the work of skilled craftsmen. Unique objects on account of refinement and elegance of the materials selected, entirely Made in Italy. Productions devoted to the sectors of interior design furnishings, gift items, wedding cadeaux and high-quality bijoux.

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