Greener, smarter, faster: Eurotech presents Aurora, the petascale HPC solution at SCO9 in Portland (USA)

Eurotech presents Aurora, the lean, smart supercomputing solution that can grow with less. With Aurora, users can now have a Supercomputing system that is light on the TCO and easy to scale up to the PetaFLOP and beyond.

Eurotech AuroraPortland, OR (USA) – 16 November 2009. Aurora has been designed to deliver more: more number crunching, more scalability, more energy savings and more compatibility with existing software applications and environments.
"Aurora is the smart system for a resource conscious world", said Giampietro Tecchiolli, Eurotech Group VP and CTO, "With Aurora it is possible to achieve unprecedented scalability and energy savings; in designing Aurora, we have taken a radical approach to efficiency, both in raw performance and in TCO management".

Sporting the new Intel® Xeon® 5500 processor, Aurora is Intel® Cluster Ready Certified and offers the fullest compatibility with the existing X86 software applications and development tools.

"Intel® Cluster Ready certification reduces the risks and challenges of deployment and speeds time to productive results for highly scalable HPC Clusters" said Richard Dracott, General Manager, HPC, Intel . "By establishing a hardware and software basis for clustered systems, Intel Cluster Ready certification helps HPC users rapidly realize the great TCO and performance benefits of Xeon 5500 based Aurora clusters."

Aurora delivers high end features, such as 100Gb/s cluster interconnect bandwidth per node, with a 60Gb/s 3D torus and a 40Gb/s Infiniband interface; multilevel synchronization networks for highly efficient scalability, and an on board, programmable accelerator that can be used to implement highly optimized algorithms.
Another exclusive feature is the ultra-precise liquid cooling system, which keeps the tightest control over the temperature of every component, ensuring the best operating conditions and exceptional savings compared to air cooling.
In Aurora, the traditional sources of failure have been removed: there are no mechanical parts, thanks to liquid cooling and the Intel® Solid State Disks; memory reliability and performance are exceptional thanks to a groundbreaking coupling technology and the multi-level monitoring and control system provides a flexible infrastructure to implement fault tolerance schemes.

Visit Eurotech Booth #745 at SC'09 2009 and check out the live demo of the Aurora Supercomputing system.

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