Incredible Features Chooses MomaPIX to Enhance Their Agency Presence on the Web

Incredible FeaturesBased in Los Angeles, the international features agency, Incredible Features has chosen MomaPIX as its web management and sales platform.

Rome, 8 march 2010 - In the early days of August 2009, Stacy Linh, Incredible Features' Creative Director, found a message in her mailbox entitled "MomaPIX - the service tailored for photo and video agencies".
Mistaking it for spam which escaped the control of the corporate firewall, Stacy was about to delete it when her curiosity was aroused by the title. She opened the message and began to investigate. From that day on, the relationship between Stacy and MomaSoft has been uninterrupted.

After the first email, asking for clarification, MomaSoft immediately sent an invitation to a web meeting for a presentation of the service.
Stacy said, "In September we spent a week in which we met on the internet every day, sometimes the meetings lasted for hours sometimes it took a few minutes. I realized that I was dealing with people technically valid and seriously involved in seeking appropriate solutions to my needs."

Incredible Features offers a unique collection of still and moving images for editorial and commercial usage. Stacy was looking for a means to permit the agency to manage and sell both videos and photos. A month after the first email, in September 2009, Stacy decided that the time was ripe and so left Los Angeles and went to Rome for 4 days where they set up the final details and signed the contract.

Some days ago, we asked to Stacey to comment on her choice and on what has happened, six months after the contract signature:

"When deciding to update our agency website, we chose the Momapix system because of its built-in features and the ability to customize it to suit our specific needs. The Momapix team has been stellar and instrumental in supporting our growth"

Thanks to this agreement, MomaPIX continues to strengthen its role as the company to look to for all those agencies seeking a valuable new partner in enhancing the value of their photographic and video assets on the web.

About MomaSoft
MomaSoft is a global company based in Italy that develops and markets worldwide MomaPIX as its single product. MomaPIX PLUS is a photo management and e-commerce service for photo agencies and MomaPIX ONE is for photographers. With these two product categories, MomaSoft aims to become a leader in providing professional solutions for managing and marketing video and photographic archives on the web. MomaSoft is capable of providing an entire range of solutions and value added services that can easily meet any client's requirements and can be adapted or developed to suit them.

Company Contacts:
MomaSoft srl
Tel: +39 06 45214668

About Incredible Features
Incredible Features is an international features news agency based in Los Angeles, syndicating to magazine and publishing markets in over twenty-five countries. Specializing in unique and unusual stories that cover diverse topics such as human interest, stunts, action, animals, business, people, celebrities and world-records, Incredible Features offers a unique collection of still and moving images for editorial and commercial usage.