Ferrari’s models in limited edition: small presents for strong emotions


From the last victorious cars, the F10 Alonso version and the F10 Massa version as raced to a dominant 1-2 finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix 2010, to the magnificent 599 GTO officially presented at Beijing Motor Show; from one of the most beautiful cars of all times, the short wheelbase version of the Spider 250 California launched at the Geneva show in 1960, to the full size replica of the Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel and Nosecone/Front Wing used by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in 2010: all excellent replicas, produced in limited edition for the collectors and the fans of Ferrari.

The cars' models are at 1/8 scale, with a lenght of about 60 cm; each one is assembled on a carbon-fibre base, with a plaque reporting the number of the limited edition: 99 models available for both the F10, 199 for the 599 GTO and the Spider 250 California. Creating each master model took from 3500 to 4000 hours of work by a team of highly skilled modelmakers, with a perfect replica of all details of the chassis, of the interiors, the body and the engine, up to every button on the steering wheel. The master parts have been used to create moulds for the models in limited edition, then cast in prototyping resin and assembled: these operations took around 300 hours of work for each replica. Every model is provided with a signed certificate of authentication.

The Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel and the Nosecone/Front Wing are at 1/4 scale, both hand built, and come with an elegant case and a signed certificate of authentication.

Unique pieces briging back the emotions of the great challenges, all excellent additions to any collection: discover all the models on the Ferrari Store.