Modern Italian Kitchens

Italian style pervades the Composit kitchens giving charm without forgetting quality of materials and functionality of the furnitures.

Kitchens of life are the italian kitchens realized by Composit.
Composit philosophy is orientated to the production of kitchens that last year after year.
Every Kitchen comes from an aesthetic sought and functional interpretation of several lifestyles, with a design that goes beyond the fashion. 
The modern italian style of the kitchens is unmistakable. Composit pursues two important goals: development of quality by following the needs and changes of society; guarantee reliability and security of materials.
The cooperation between Composit’s reasearch and development and famous designers offers the most important innovations in contemporary design, with a product custom-made.
Examples of modern Italian kitchens by Composit are Mya and Free. Projects that break down the canonical geometries and rethinking the use of space.

Mya - Modern italian kitchensMya is a project designed by Delta Studio, which is characterized by a very customized language, where “the disordered composition of the kitchen”, the mixture of materials and finishes propose a freely projected room, living an aesthetic imprint to the house. The alternation of volumes and colours introduces new atmospheres, new aesthetic bilance, without forgetting the fuctional aspect of the life in the kitchen as Composit is used to focus on.
Mya is a fitted kitchen and in all the compositions, the common aspect is the cleaning of the shape in the front, which is “draw” by horizontal and vertical groove handles.
The open elements with shelves creates functional and comfortable spaces.
Mya is a product that gives a strong impact, it shows the personality and the taste of the people, who go throught it, but paying much attention to the relation between quality and price.

Free - Modern italian kitchensFree designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, is a project intended for the contemporary home. Free offers innovative solutions and original aesthetic choices.
Base units and columns, entirely suspended, are the main concept in which the “fire and water” element communicate with the different components, creating an intended contrast between void and solid spaces. The light, studied in its different functions, takes part to magnify the architectural components of the kitchen itself.

Composit was born in 1974 by an idea of Belligotti brothers, who had already set up a production activity of furnishings with Belligotti trademark for sixties. The productive areas are fitted out with the most advanced tecnologies, which make Composit a modern industrial reality, where the elements of design, serch and quality are developed and applied. the Composit trademark is distributed throughout the national and international markets by a sale net and agents.

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