Maybach 62 S: unmatchable comfort combined with peerless performance

maybach manufakturThe Maybach 62 S facelift resulted in reduced fuel consumption and emissions, added to the pure pleasure provided by an exciting driving experience and opulent spacious-ness.

January 27th 2010 – Maybach’s leading model, the Maybach 62 S, represents automotive perfection and timeless aesthetic quality. The impressive dimensions, an extremely powerful engine, perfect workmanship and the opportunity to choose personal design options, bring this vehicle one step ahead, even in the high-end luxury segment, and give the owner the impression to dominate the road.

The 2010 facelift obtained the result to surpass the already impressive Maybach’s achievements, bringing the Maybach 62 S to new heights of excellence. With its self-assured and distinctive front design, the athletically sculpted contours and brilliant technical solutions and optional features, this model embodies a contemporary interpretation of status and prestige.

One of the most exclusive comfort features available on the Maybach 62 S is the electrotransparent panoramic glass roof over the rear section of the passenger compartment. This special device makes it possible to adjust the ambience, in line with the passenger’s mood: it is possible to set it to transparent or opaque mode, thus delivering the desired light, in order to create the perfect ambience.

The interior, majestically hand-crafted from the finest materials, brings an unrivalled level of comfort and luxury, with exclusive elements and optional features that will make you feel at home. As an instance, the heated, integral seats with their gentle massage function and shoulder belts with automatic belt path adjustment ensure that, even on the longest journeys, passengers can enjoy maximum relaxation and the best possible occupant protection.

Furthermore, the impressive spaciousness of the rear compartment, completely exploited by the legendary reclining rear seats with footrests and legrests and by the spacious folding tables, whose design is inspired by the solutions used in the air travel industry, allow you to work on the go, in combination with the WLAN router. Otherwise, it is possible to enjoy a flute of champagne, stored in the refrigerated compartment (optional at no extra cost) that can be fitted in the rear centre console.

The interior of the Maybach 62 S can be enriched with an incredible array of optional features and over 100 trim elements of costumer’s choice. The Personal Liaison Manager will be proud to show you every possible solution, helping to make Maybach 62 S a desired masterpiece of design and elegance.