Luxury vehicles and new media: Maybach gets social

The German luxury cars brand starts a social media marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
maybach on facebookAugust 5th, 2011 - 2011 will be remembered as a very important year for Maybach-Manufaktur. Alongside the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the automobile, the German luxury vehicles manufacturer has presented interesting novelties both for the marketing and communication and for the production of its saloons. In fact, together with the 2011 luxury vehicles facelift, came the launch of a new website and the activation of the social media profiles.
The already existing online community of the German luxury vehicles lovers could finally enjoy original contents provided by the Maybach brand on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with different approaches based on the different platforms and their related audience. From this moment on, in fact, it is possible for internet users to stay in touch with Maybach by using the most popular social media platforms.
The reaction of the online community was enthusiastic, especially on Facebook, where the luxury vehicles manufacturer can actually count on a liker base of more than 30 thousands supporters, whose passion is very encouraging and is rewarded with exclusive contents, such as pictures, videos and sneak previews of the following Maybach activities (events regarding sports, art and everything that is communicated through the news section on Maybach Manufaktur's official website).