Modula®, the vertical storage system which saves you time and space!

Modula is currently synonymous with the vertical storage system, ideal for picking operations and for the management of industrial warehouses.

The range of Modula models consists of three main lines: Lift, Sintes1 and Cube.

Each model is designed to meet the distinct needs of companies, optimizing space, resources and time for the management of materials in the warehouse. Modula Lift is one of the most advanced vertical storage systems on the market, with a storage capacity that can reach up to 60.000 Kg net.

Modula Sintes1 is the ideal solution for the storage of small size material such as electronic components or reduced size tools. This is an automatic vertical storage system particularly suitable for storage in the pharmaceutical industry. Another strength of Sintes1 Modula is the speed of picking, high over its competitors in range.

Modula Cube fits in any type of room, perfect for environments that do not allow excessive vertical development. The horizontal storage system Modula Cube can be controlled automatically or semi-automatically.

All models in the range of Modula vertical storage systems, come complete with a software management and control system, Modula WMS, designed for quick and easy integration with enterprise information systems.