The first guide to web performance marketing is online

The first, valuable e-book on Web performance marketing, the new online advertising revenue model, can be requested for free on Webperformance's website.

It is titled “Guide to Web performance marketing” and is the first free e-book addressed to all businesses wishing to save on online advertising, only paying for the achieved results.

This over-50-page guide is a priceless tool, which provides exhaustive information and a thorough analysis of performance-based marketing, answering innumerable enquiries about it: what is it and how does it work? Which advantages does it offer in comparison with online traditional advertising? Which media are involved? An examination of some successful case studies is also featured.

To request a free copy, please visit the website of Webperformance, the company by which the book is authored, and fill out the specific form. Webperformance was one of the first companies to adopt performance-based marketing, applying it to manifold online advertising typologies, such as display advertising, DEM, SEM, SEO, e-commerce and Facebook marketing, just to mention some.

“Guide to Web performance marketing” therefore provides an excellent opportunity to pursue a more favourable and profitable online advertising strategy.

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