The Grosby Group modernizes their platform for photo and video management and distribution, with MomaPIX.

The leading international entertainment media agency in the Latin American and Hispanic markets has a new website.

californian agency Grosby Group site, MomaPIXEvery day the californian agency Grosby Group provides thousands of celebrity images and videos to the most prestigious publications, from a worldwide network of photographers, videographers and agencies.

The content management and distribution system update is part of the ongoing technological upgrading pursued by the company.

The Grosby Group realized that the old technology could not carry out all the functions required anymore to stay competitive, and using the last technologies to deliver the best performances to customers was needed. The Grosby Group valued MomaPIX as “the best value for money software”, capable to simplify the workflow and speed up the agency’s activities.

MomaPIX is on market for about 10 years and it has been developed specifically to enable photo agencies and companies to work better in digital contents (photos, videos, audio files and pdfs) management.

Within the new functionalities, MomaPIX is a solution that offers an innovative system to manage, view, upload and download files, syndicate and handle restrictions, as well as automate permissions according to commercial agreements with suppliers. It can also produce promotions, reports and statistics.

It is also capable of API use to interconnect with partners and an email marketing integrated tool that widens sales channels and makes web usage more efficient.

Besides The Grosby Group’s website, within the archives managed with MomaPIX there are those of international photo agencies like Incredible Features and Sunray Photo or AGF and IPA in Italy, and those of companies such as Palazzetti, Mondadori and Citroen.

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