Elesa Operating Elements: focus on spoked and solid handwheels

The range of Elesa handwheels is divided into two different categories, including spoked and solid handwheels. Elesa has become a reference point for designers and manufacturers, offering a wide rage of standard components in plastic and metal for the engineering industry. In this article the focus is on the range of handwheels by Elesa, which characterize for high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, features that make these components suitable for different applications.

Handwheel Elesa VDSMonza (Italy), September 30th 2015 – Elesa handwheels are made of different materials, including technopolymer or phenolic-based Duroplast, aluminium or stainless steel, which allow different uses and applications in the machine industry. The top of the range is represented by VRTP. and VDS. handwheels.

VRTP. spoked handwheel is available in 3 executions: with revolving handle, with revolving "soft touch" handle in technopolymer coated with thermoplastic elastomer and with fold-away handle. The product is made of polypropylene based technopolymer. The self-adhesive front plate is made of anodized aluminium. For some executions it is available also with technopolymer boss cap in Ergostyle colours.

VDS. solid handwheel is another best seller of this group. It is available with revolving handle, "soft touch" revolving handle, fold-away handle and with safety fold-away handle. The handwheel body is made of polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer; the boss cap in acetal resin based technopolymer, light-grey colour and push-fit assembly is removable by pressing on the outer edge or with a screwdriver (original design Elesa). The boss cap, for some executions, is available in the Ergostyle colours, matte finish.

Elesa is more and more attentive to the needs and requests of special sectors such as the pharmaceutical, the medical and the food, which require by law the use of corrosion resistant materials (special stainless steel and certified plastics) and ergonomic and compact shapes that guarantee easy cleaning. Elesa catalogue presents a wide range of standard mechanical components in line with these requirements.

The most significant example is the VRTP-P-SST spoked handwheel. The body of the handwheel and handle are made of technopolymer certified in compliance with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). They are resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents. The metal central bushing and the other metal components of the handle are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which ensures high corrosion resistance. The solid rim of the handwheel and the absence of rear recesses avoid the deposit of unhealthy residues or dust, ensuring easy cleaning without disassembling from the machine.

Another example is the VDN.FP solid handwheel, available with revolving handle VDN.FP+I, with fold-away handle VDN.FP+IR and with automatic fold-away safety handle "Fold-o-matic"® type VDN.FP+IRS. The body of the handwheel is made of phenolic based Duroplast, while the ring, Elesa original design, is made of anodised aluminium. The ergonomic shape of the rim with internal rear scallops makes the grip and the manoeuvre of the handwheel easier.

As we have seen, Elesa handwheels can be fitted to various types of industrial machinery. Moreover, technopolymer has mechanical properties such as to allow interchangeability with the corresponding metal products, offering the additional advantages of the corrosion resistance and the lightness typical of plastic materials.

All these features are necessary to ensure reliable performance even in difficult operating conditions. To all the functionality and efficiency of Elesa products is added a nice and ergonomic design, which is undoubtedly an added value.

Elesa, with a range of products unique on the market, has become a point of reference not only in Italy but also abroad. The company has eleven branches placed in Europe, the Americas and Asia, and exports its components in 66 countries, demonstrating the quality and efficiency of Elesa products.

The complete catalogue, including the whole range of operating elements, can be browsed online at www.elesa.com. This will make it possible not only to learn more about the product range, but also to contact the company for quotes or information. Elesa, in addition to a well-advanced know-how, is distinguished b y a strongly customer-oriented service, trying to meet the customer's specific needs. In fact, some solutions by Elesa can be customised. Elesa, since 1941, is a guarantee of quality and attention to detail in the design and manufacture of standard components for the industry.