US-based Sardinians enjoy a vibrant, new meeting place, online. offers a friendly place to meet and network with fellow Sardinian-Americans.
logo SardiInUSABEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, 14/10/15 - Founded in 2015, is the brainchild of Sardinian-American, Alessandro, a Los Angeles resident. He and his wife own companies under the umbrella of Oksana Management Group, in Beverly Hills. Alessandro, who visits Sardinia most summers, explains the inspiration behind his initiative:
“Words fail to describe the beauty of Sardinia – both land and culture. I want to bring some of that beauty back with me to the US and make it available to my fellow Sardinian-Americans.” offers a dedicated website and Facebook page. These platforms provide opportunities for Sardinians to connect, forge friendships and promote businesses. Membership is 100% free, with donations accepted but not required.
The community welcomes US-based subscribers who are Sardinian. Also, children of Sardinians, and non-Sardinians who lived in Sardinia and thus feel Sardinian.
“Sardinians are honorable and loyal people who appreciate beauty and nature. Connecting with other Sardinians is a joy. And it helps us preserve our Sardinian identity in the US” Alessandro explains.
He adds that non-Sardinians who have been “thunderstruck by Sardinia” are welcome to join on Facebook, and in some cases will be included in the website, too.
Free memberships are now available at and