Fondaco dei Tedeschi is reborn as La Fenice, in Venice

After La Fenice, another renovated historic building in Venice decides on Climaveneta sustainable comfort.
Fondaco dei Tedeschi
Fondaco dei Tedeschi
They are currently installing the air conditioning units at Fondaco dei Tedeschi, in Venice. Going in-depth, 3 Climaveneta units have just been delivered: 1 air cooled NECS-CN / B / S 0612 and 2 water cooled NECS-WQ / S 0512 all for indoor installation, for a total cooling capacity of 450kW.
The restoration of the building which is located on the Canal Grande and that will be leased to the luxury giant LVMH, will be completed by next summer. The building was originally built in 1228 by German merchants; destroyed twice by fires, just like the Gran Teatro La Fenice, then rebuilt in the sixteenth century, before being transformed into a Customs office during the Napoleonic period. The building’s recovery and restoration project was entrusted to Studio Oma, belonging to the famous architect Rem Koolhaas, and is based on the idea of re-establishing the historical link between Venetian culture and commerce.
The interiors will be care of the young British architect Jamie Fobert, considered a rising star of interior design. Also Favero & Milan Ingegneria, an Italian company with many overseas offices and vast experience in complex work will take part in the project.
Press kit with pictures available here.

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