The wide range of Elesa handles

Elesa handles blend ergonomic design, quality of materials and easy maintenance. Components are suitable in different sectors, and guarantee high performance even in the most severe conditions of use. Here is the complete range of Elesa handles and their greatest strengths.

Handle with pneumatic drive EBR-PNMonza, 5th Novembre 2015 – Elesa, leading manufacturer of standard components for the mechanical industry, offers its customers a wide range of handles which find applications in various fields. Versatility, variety and product customization are only part of the winning features.

Elesa handles are divided into three main product families: bridge handles, flush pull handles and tubular handles. One of the greatest strengths of the line consists of the offer of components of various shapes, sizes and production materials such as technopolymer, Duroplast, aluminum, stainless steel or chrome steel, with different surface finishes and types of assembly.

Thanks to this wide variety it is impossible not to find the handle that suits your needs. Elesa, as for all its components, pays great attention to the design stage: all handles are studied in detail, so that they are easy to install, use and maintain.

Elesa does not only aim to provide a functional product, but also pays great attention to the design. In particular, regarding the handles, ergonomics and lines come together in a unique combination, to give life to the utmost ease of use with a firm grip. The combination of design and ergonomic care is an aspect that does not go unnoticed. Elesa, in this regard, has received several awards from the most prestigious juries of industrial design. Surely this aspect makes these components even more "special" and appreciated.

It is possible to ask, for some products, customized versions according to specific needs. The different standard solutions, available in the catalogue, can be obtained in different colours or customized with wording or logos tampoprinted or laser engraved. To see the wide range of handles, go to the website and browse the catalogue to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Among the latest innovations presented by the company, is the EBR-PN handle with pneumatic drive. It is made of polyamide based technopolymer (PA) glass-fiber reinforced. This component is part of the bridge handles family. In particular, EBR-PN handle is characterized by the original design by Elesa, resulting from the EBP award-winning bridge handle, and is available in grey-black.

The handle is equipped with a button, which is made of technopolymer, in Brilliant Blue. The boss caps are already installed, but removable with a screwdriver, and they are also made of technopolymer. EBR-PN handle is resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents, to guarantee application even when in contact with these substances.

MFH handles are also a new series in the Elesa Catalogue. These mini handles, made of technopolymer in black, grey, red, orange, white - similar to RAL 9002 - technopolymer or chrome plated, are ideal for applications that require the use of handles with small dimensions, but ensuring, at the same time, ease of use and resistance.

Another segment of the range which the company is concentrating on is flush pull handles. Several models, sizes, production materials and surface finishes allow a perfect integration of these handles on machines and equipment for which they are intended.

These include the MPR folding handle with recessed tray and return spring, awarded last February by the IF jury for Hanover Industrial Design. Made of black technopolymer with matte finish, it ensures the handle's return to the rest position by two springs in AISI 302 stainless steel, giving the operator the ability to work in a safe environment, free from any protrusions that might be a danger element.

Among Elesa's best sellers for their shape and size availability are the arch handles. In particular, this family is characterized by the great refinement in production materials and high care of surface finish. Aluminum handles with a natural finish, anodized or with epoxy coating. Stainless steel or chrome steel completes the selection of materials. The range also offers several sections (oval or flat) always in aluminum or steel.

In addition, on it is possible to download PDF files with all data sheets about the mentioned handles, and discover other innovations in the catalogue or view all the handles for which Elesa is well known on the market for many years. In this way, all users interested in the company's products will find important information about the product and the available executions.

The reliability of Elesa components for the engineering industry is known. The company exports its products worldwide. Products that are prized for their versatility and high performance. Finally, Elesa remains a point of reference for all those who want to buy handles processed with high quality materials, durable, and even adaptable to the most severe conditions of use.