Against Global Warming with the new TECS2 HFO chillers

Climaveneta presents a new line of chillers with magnetic levitation technology combining high energy efficiency with very low global warming potential.

TECS2 HFO, ClimavenetaBassano del Grappa, December 2015: Driven by current regulatory changes pushed by worldwide institutions regarding both gas emissions and efficiency targets, Climaveneta has unveiled TECS2 HFO, the company’s latest range of chillers with magnetic levitation compressors embracing an innovative green efficiency approach to cooling.

Specially conceived to provide customers with superior product efficiency whilst complying with the strictest green building targets required by building owners, the new Turbocor compressors’ range utilises the 4th generation HFO refrigerant with low GWP value. An attractive combination that delivers great advantages not only in terms of environmental acceptability but also performance level.

HFOs hydro-fluoro olefins are today considered the best alternative to HFC blends. Similar in thermodynamic properties to HFCs, HFOs’ molecules rapidly disintegrate into the atmosphere within a few days, resulting in a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). For TECS2 HFO, Climaveneta has selected the Solstice ze (1234ze), which delivers GWP around 7 compared to 1430 GWP value for the R134a refrigerant, together with low toxicity and low-flammability indexes.

The HFO 1234ze refrigerant has been integrated with TECS2, the proven and experienced Climaveneta’s range of oil free chillers featuring magnetic-bearing technology and high quality control logics. A solution that, besides the reduction in weight and dimensions compared to traditional chillers, permits the compressor to operate completely without oil, allowing a significant improvement of its performance through the heat exchange surfaces.

The results of this innovative GREEN EFFICIENCY union are impressive: the HFO specific magnetic levitation compressor, thanks to special technical choices implemented during its design phase, not only ensures better performance than traditional compressors, but it also adds a further 3% product efficiency if compared to the same capacity compressor working with R134a refrigerant.

Brilliantly engineered in all its parts, the new TECS2 HFO also employs premium heat exchangers featuring larger heat exchange surfaces designed to maximise the cooling capacity and optimise the operation of the compressors. An innovative design that ensures reduced pressure drops and complete refrigerant evaporation, thus resulting in a further increase in the high efficiency levels achieved by the units.

TECS2 HFO is available both in air or water cooled versions from 339 to 1364 kW. Water source units can be selected also in heat pump configuration (/H function) resulting in increased sustainability whenever the heat recovery option is convenient. A comprehensive range always accompanied by Climaveneta’s tailor-made approach aimed at satisfying all kinds of design requirements of both commercial and industrial applications.

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