Climaveneta for the most beautiful nursery in the world

Sustainable comfort for children born after the earthquake in Emilia
The new nursery in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, could be considered the most beautiful in the world. The municipal structure, built thanks to the donations collected after the 2012 earthquake, today houses 120 children aged 0 to 3.
The architect Mario Cucinella designed the new building choosing a lengthened shape with wide curves reminiscent of a whale, giving the building a "pedagogical" function that stimulates the children’s imagination. The structure, brought to life by Rubner Holzbau, has been made with natural or recycled materials with low environmental impact. The installed technologies have been selected for their efficiency and sustainability too.
Furthermore the air conditioning system is based on an air-air Climaveneta heat pump for outdoor installation NECS-N / B 0412 which distributes the air into the rooms through the a-LIFE fan coils also supplied by Climaveneta.
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