Climaveneta takes the Metro at Singapore

Climaveneta supplied air conditioning units to Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

Depot Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a rapid transit system forming the major component of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The MRT network encompasses routes spanning 153.7 kilometres, with 113 stations currently running.

The government wants to greatly expand going from a 67km track system in 1995 to a 360km system forecasted for 2030. However, the government is not only investing in expanding the system, but also in improving it. As a matter of fact to provide a perfect level of comfort in the newest stations they have selected 49 Climaveneta water cooled screw chillers. Being flexible and reliable units, they easily adapt to different thermal load conditions thanks to their precise thermoregulation, combining thermal and acoustic comfort for all the passengers who pass through such crowded and noisy places.

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