Everything’s ready for the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis return

Climaveneta units to preserve a UNESCO safeguarded artwork
Codex Rossanensis
Codex Rossanensis
The new Diocesan Museum is nearing completion in Rossano Calabro where the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis will be on display. It is an illuminated Greek Evangeliary containing the whole Gospel of Matthew, almost all the Gospel of Mark, of which only verses 15- 20 are missing, and a part of Eusebio’s letter to Copiano about the concordance of the Gospels. Last year the Codex was inscribed to the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, a compendium of documents, manuscripts, oral traditions, audio-visual materials, library, and archival holdings of universal value.
Once back in the Diocesan Museum, the Codex will be housed in a special glass case made on the basis of an elaborate lighting exposure technique and a specific air-conditioning system, to preserve at best the famous manuscript.
Going into more depth, the HVAC system is based on a MICS N 0122 chiller, an a-LIFE2 fan coil and an AXO07 close control unit, all supplied by Climaveneta, the most reliable partner in artwork air conditioning thanks to its wide experience over 45 years and many museum projects achieved all over the world.
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