REK Records Independent Music label

DiscJoker aka Giuliano P and Rosa Tosto talk about their REK Records label
Across The Beat, Radio CafeWhy a new Label? Aren’t them probably already enough?
Giuliano: “Our REK Records Label idea takes life from a shared need of originality and quality in music, which are often sacrified in the name of an easy business by most of Labels, also by Indies. REK Records moves in the Electronic world, with a particular glance on new Techno scene, on Tech House, Deep, Bass, Electrobeat and Chill, and on their cross-over. One of our fundamental aims is not to be enclosed into sharp genre boundaries which may hinder good and intriguing ideas from a new listening point of view. Here comes our interest in new and young artist’s scouting, production and promotion, trying to suggest them to international scene. Our mission is basically artistic: we look after new and original tracks, remaining far from the same old “yes track is good but not saleable – this stuff doesn’t work on air”….”

This is about artistics…. and about technical side?
Rosa: “Meh starting from quality, wich is the other REK Records milestone, our first step is toward tracks that are already based on sounds’ choice accuracy and musical texture development. At the moment that a track has already a story to tell itself, game is already on the go. Now it’s the moment I enter the game: I create or improve mixing, when necessary, and proceed with mastering, in order to best exploit the potential of that track, by the right balance between dinamics, spaciousness, volume and pawa. And consider that REK Records has also a maniacal attention for bass vibez. We published ’till now sixth releases: DiscJoker, Nexus, Dork, Cybernova and Delly, and some new are going to be released in February and March.”

On Sat 2016/01/30 there will be Across the Beat, your REK Records Showcase
Giuliano: “First of all Across the Beat is an opportunity to have fun and play, and to present part of our roster and music productions too. There will be Light Architecture live, a Roman newbie, who will release a particular sperimental Minimal Techno EP in March, and then Nexus, Dork, Max Beat, DJ Kriminal from DMA, and there will be my a.k.a. too, DiscJoker. I’ll present some news from my first LP, i’m working on it since three years; this LP is like a sounding pics album of my life, I played every instrument, from synth to bass guitar. This LP has been anticipated by From My Window (out on last July) and MM (Mana/Mermaids out on last September), singles that gained good feedbacks from Steve Lawler, Maceo Plex, Marcantonio, Riva Starr, Ibiza Voice, Tsugi, Bigshot and others. And Most of all there will be a lot of good music, far from business frames.”

Across The Beat
Saturday 30/01 h 23,00 @ Radio Café, via Principe Umberto, 67 – 00185 Rome.

What would you say to a young DJ/producer?
Giuliano: “Music, listen to music, feeling it in your heart. Be curious, learn and study, let your passion grow. Theese are the most important tips to be a dj, to do it as a job or just for fun. You need to improve techniques and you need to know how to move with vinyl and softwares, because future is the mix of both, imho. Being only a technician is not sufficient, ‘coz also the best one doesn’t often guarantee achievement; without the right track selection your gig will not ignite. You have to feel people in the dancefloor, trying to anticipate them with music: a lot of times I extemporized following dancefloor reactions, mixing tracks i didn’t think about just a minute before! I really love to extemporize at dancefloor controls!! About productions you need knowledge and study, but you need to follow your heart and your brain together, not immediately focus on what could work or be sold, but just try to express yourself; this has to be your first goal. “

What would you say to a young DJ/producer?
Rosa: “Pay attention to sounds, do further research, manipulate untill you find your set of sounds, the one that says a lot about you, about what your heart and your belly vibrate for, the one that makes you happy when you listen at what you have created moving your passions. And most of all avoid to overfull and don’t be paranoid! “

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