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European Institute of Oncology
European Institute of Oncology, Milan
European Institute of Oncology, Milan
The European Institute of Oncology (Istituto Europeo di Oncologia – IEO) strives for excellence in cancer prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment. We aim to achieve this through clinical and scientific research development, organisational and management innovation, with a constant focus on the quality of the service provided to the patients.
In the last few years the institute’s structure has been constantly improved and its buildings have been refurbished and expanded in order to consistently ensure an excellent environment for the patients. In the last working session they have included the HVAC system revamping. To improve the energy efficiency of the hospital while maintaining a high comfort level, the M&E designers have selected 3 TECS2/SL-CA-E 1054 by Climaveneta, to supply both existing utilities, and new ones. The chillers are connected to variable flow pumps, serving fan coils, but also close control and air handling units. The energy produced by the 3 TECS2 / SL-CA-E 1054 and an absorption chiller already installed, will be accounted for by the management and optimization system ClimaPRO, in order to ensure the highest efficiency level of the system, through continuous and clear monitoring.
Hundreds of projects world-wide are the best guarantee of the variety and quality of Climaveneta solutions, developed to meet the most relevant heating and air-conditioning requirements of modern healthcare buildings in both a modern and rational way.
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