Bodega Garzón, the sustainable winery in Uruguay

Energy Efficiency linked to good wine in South America
Bodega Garzón
Bodega Garzón

Argentina's richest businessman, according to Forbes, just opened the new Bodega Garzón winery, located three kilometers from Pueblo Garzon, Maldonado, Uruguay. With an investment of 85 million US dollars, the project includes a sustainable winery spanning 19,050 square meters housing the production of fine wines, a restaurant, a luxury hotel and an exclusive wine club. So it is not by chance if La Bodega Garzón is at #21 among the 52 places in the world to be visited in 2016, according to the New York Times.
The 2014/2015 grape collection allowed Bodega Garzón to become the first sustainable winery built outside the United States, following the requirements of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).
The project is also undergoing the LEED certification, achieving energy savings of about 40%, compared to other similar facilities, and producing 40% of its energy needs through mills and photovoltaic panels. The Bodega Garzón plant plays a fundamental role. Stable humidity and temperature levels, together with clean air quality are directly connected to the quality of the wine.
The HVAC system is thus based on high efficiency Climaveneta units: 6 WIZARD air handling units working together with 2 multiuse ERACS2-Q for the production of hot and cold water.
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