Energy Park: Green Building Campus coming soon

Climaveneta heat pumps installed at the new GB One in Milan
The site for the construction of the new "Green Building Campus" in Milan that will enlarge the Energy Park in development on the east side, close to the ring road, has recently started.
The first building, called GB One, will host offices and laboratories for various multinational companies operating in the field of advanced technologies. The building has been registered at the USGBC (US Green Building Council) and aims at getting the LEED Platinum certification, like the other buildings at Energy Park.
As a matter of fact GB One is also very focused on sustainability and the M&E systems designed for the building demonstrate it. The HVAC is based on 2 multi purpose heat pumps ERACS2-Q /SL-CA 2222, 1 EW-HT heat pump with high temperature water production and the ClimaPRO plant control with active optimization system, all of which is currently being delivered by Climaveneta.
Media Relations
Sara Di Clemente