Beauty, functionality and efficiency for the new Zucchetti Tower

Climaveneta units installed at the new Tower in Lodi, undergoing LEED certification
office, Zucchetti Tower, ClimavenetaThe renovation work of the former Lodi Province Palace is in full swing, which starting from the spring-summer 2017, will officially become Zucchetti Tower.
The new HQ of the most important Italian software company will be composed of 14 floors and will host 350 workers, becoming an innovation and progress symbol not only for Zucchetti, but also for the whole city of Lodi. Furthermore, the building is a good example of sustainability and is undergoing the LEED certification.
The tower, designed by the architect Marco Visconti, is characterized by a steel cage with a shading effect that covers the entire building and is a technologically advanced model, almost self-sufficient from an energetic point of view.
For the internal comfort of the building they have installed 2 NECS-WQ 1204 multi-purpose heat pumps by Climaveneta, for the production of both hot and cold water, even simultaneously. These units are thus able to work both in summer and in winter without any seasonal switching but above all without any CO2 emissions, thus helping to hit the LEED certification targets.

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