Today the new Elnos Shopping Centre opens

Climaveneta units installed at the new Ikea Centre in Brescia

Today Elnos, the Ikea Center in Roncadelle, opens. It was built in record time and with a total area of 55,000 square meters, 165 shops and nearly 4,000 parking spaces. As in the tradition of IKEA Centres, the name of the building has a concrete reference to the territory. As a matter of fact, in the dialect of Brescia, "el nos" means "ours" and refers to the shopping center’s goal to create a meeting place for people from Brescia. Elnos SHOPPING will also be the only shopping center in Lombardy with an IKEA store inside.
The HVAC system of the shopping centre is based on Climaveneta air conditioning units. 6 NECS N/B1716 reversible heat pumps, 10 WET/RTF water source roof top with variable water flow system and 10 WIZARD air handling units, for a total air flow of about 250.000 m3/h, the units are installed to grant perfect comfort all year round. The Climaveneta units are linked to the BMS to improve the management of energy consumption.

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