An excellent HVAC System for an excellent hospital

Climaveneta units for the new emergency complex of the University Hospitals of Foggia
Bassano del Grappa, December 2016: The reorganization plan of the Apulian hospital network has been approved earlier this year. The idea was developed to adapt the healthcare delivery in the region to the new standards established by national legislation. This is not aimed at cutting the number of beds, but rather to reorganize the existing structures, streamlining small regional centers and especially by strengthening the main hub. Among these is the University Hospitals of Foggia, the second largest hospital of Puglia.
With the reorganization plan in mind, this facility aims to achieve the ambitious goal of a hospital of "Excellence", understood as a health facility where there all the functions of modern medicine are present. To achieve this goal work is underway to build a new emergency-urgent complex. The structure, which will be completed by the spring of next year, will host First Aid, Emergency Surgery, CICU (cardiac intensive care unit), Intensive Care, Stroke Unit, a total of 250 beds.
In health-care structures, air conditioning systems must not only guarantee the well-being of patients, but also meet the needs of the processes related to medical activities, such as operating rooms. The operating department represents one of the most technologically advanced nuclei within the hospital. The environmental parameters on which the system must be constantly monitored are; the temperature, the relative humidity, the degree of contamination of the air, and the supply air speed. For these reasons, the air conditioning system is, especially in newly constructed buildings, a real auxiliary system for medical activity, thus it assumes paramount importance.
The new complex of the Hospitals of Foggia was therefore fitted with an air conditioning system based on 5 Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps with high efficiency, combined with 31 WIZARD air handling units.
In more detail, there are; 1 multi-purpose heat pump ERACS-Q / SL-CA 3222, 1 reversible heat pump FOCS-N / SL-4822 and 3 liquid refrigerant FOCS2 / SL-CA-E 4822. All the units are air-cooled, in the super silent version of class A, with considerable total cooling and heating capacity: 3183 kW for cooling and 1909 kW for heating. Hospital HVAC systems should always be slightly oversized, first to ensure continuous operation in case of failure or maintenance of a unit, because when it comes to hospitals, and second because hospitals are often characterized by continuous evolution, linked to the development of medical technology, the possible changes in user requirements, and also possible future expansions. Furthermore, as hospitals hold continuous operations every day and throughout the year, the air conditioning unit must be convenient to access and easy to maintain, thus minimizing interference with medical activities. The reliability of Climaveneta units, their flexible operation, the multi-purpose units’ ability to simultaneously satisfy the cold and hot demand requirements without implementing any operating mode settings, the possibility to produce hot water at 55 ° by the selected heat pumps, are all features that allow a simplified system, which reduces maintenance and at the same time maximizes the efficiency of the entire building.
As for the air treatment units, it should be noted that the 31 WIZARD units were selected with the internal parts made of complete stainless steel, as required by the hospital applications. The AHU is serviced by service operators, where contamination between air streams needs to be avoided. In addition, the units are also equipped with high efficiency dual battery recovery systems. All AHU provided have the silent version to maximize the acoustic comfort of the patients, and with variable flow to reduce energy consumption of the building. It should be highlighted that the Climaveneta units comply with ErP, also known as Eco-design, the framework directive which, through national regulations governs the eco-design requirements for all energy-using products.
Cristiano Dal Seno, Climaveneta’s AHU Development Manager says: "The CTA WIZARD was born from the vast Climaveneta experience in the HVAC industry. It is a reliable and efficient product, successfully installed in numerous applications in hospitals around the world, where in addition to the comfort of patients and doctors it is necessary to ensure reliability and efficiency for air conditioning and air treatment." He continues: "In hospitals it is necessary to ensure the highest air quality, especially in environments where there is a high level of attention to patients and health operators. For this reason, we seek constructive solutions that facilitate the operation of a sanitizing unit with smooth surfaces and with minimal fissures. In addition, it is important to use of high quality materials capable of withstanding frequent cleanings with aggressive chemicals".
Efficiency, low noise, and reliability, these are the characteristics of a Climaveneta supply for the new emergency-urgency complex of the Hospitals of Foggia, which will be delivered by the end of this year to allow the start-up to be completed in time for the opening of the structure planned for spring 2017.

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