High Efficiency and very low noise level

Free-cooling chillers and close control units for the new proRZ data center in Munich.
The customer: proRZ
Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand RC, has supplied the units to cool the proRZ Data Center in Munich, Germany.  proRZ is one of the main German general contractors, which realizes and optimizes data centers of any size, focusing on the fulfilment of individual requirements. proRZ is part of DATA CENTER GROUP, which offers complete IT security rooms, outdoor containers or mini data centers solutions.
The project: the new data center in Munich
proRZ has recently developed their own new data center in Munich, Germany. To satisfy the customer’s request in terms of low noise emissions, RC has supplied two, UNICO TURBO FL FREE, high efficiency free-cooling water cooled chillers with very low noise emissions, for a total cooling capacity of 1,8 Mw. Furthermore RC has provided 14 high density close control air conditioners, which are supplied by the water source NEXT EVO CW K PLUS chillers to answer to the specific end-user requests in terms of high cooling density in order to save space inside the Data Center.
Targets of the project: low noise level and high efficiency
To better hit the targets of noise emissions and energy efficiency, RC units have been supplied following some technical modifications. In free-cooling chillers RC decided to increase the total condensing surface and therefore also the number of installed fans of each unit, to significantly reduce the fans’ speed and consequently, stay within the sound pressure target level requested by the customer. In addition, the energy consumption of the fans, which work at partial load, has also been reduced.
On the other hand, the energy efficiency of a data center is enhanced by using free-cooling technology. The conditions to activate the free cooling system in this specific application are the following:
Partial free-cooling starts working at: 15°C external temperature
Total free-cooling starts working at: 11°C external temperature
To maximize the energy efficiency of the whole structure, the new NEXT EVO CW series units have been selected with EC electronically commutated fans with brushless motors. These units have been supplied in the compact version K to take up the minimal amount of space, while improving the cooling capacity of the close control air handlers as much as possible. Finally, to further improve the cooling capacity, they selected the “PLUS” version with a separated fan module.
RC: reliability of the brand
Highly specialized personnel have been working in RC production plants for 50 years. When the units are complete, PED tests are run, thus guaranteeing the delivery of extremely reliable units. The field failure rate (FFR), which measures the frequency of technical interventions for any malfunctions of installed units, is continuously improving in all the product ranges. From an economical point of view, during the warranty period the cost is barely above zero (0.3% of the product value), which confirms the high quality of RC units.

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