Energy saving full redundant solution for WIIT Data Center in Milan

RC HPAC units for the new WIIT data center, TIER IV certified
The customer: WIIT
Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand RC has supplied the HPAC units for the WIIT Data Center in Milan. WIIT is an Italian company focused on Private and Hybrid Cloud continuative services, and is one of the main players in Europe and Worldwide, specialized in application management and critical applications such as disaster recovery and business continuity.
WIIT owns three data centers in Italy. Today WIIT is the first and unique Italian Provider with the maximum quality level both for its technological infrastructure and for its services supplier capacity (6 SAP certifications). These certifications probe the presence of multiple and independent systems for power and cooling and the capacity to resist to a failure or prolonged power losses.

The Project: the new Data Center in Milan
The Milan Data Center has a surface of 550 square meters. It is the company’s primary Data Center where the most complex ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) infrastructure is located and managed. The structure has achieved the Tier IV certification from the Uptime Institute.
TIER IV certification
As a Tier IV certificated structure, the WIIT data center is fault tolerant, which means that failures of individual equipment or a general black-out doesn’t produce any operation suspension. This structure can cope with extraordinary maintenance and major technical accidents on any equipment without ever interrupting its operation.

The RC solution: reliability and high efficiency
RC’s solution has supplied a high energy saving full redundant cooling system for this TIER IV certified Data Center.
Going in detail 10 NEXT EVO INV DX U and 18 remote condensers TEAM MATE STD have been installed.  Aimed at optimizing energy costs, NEXT LEGACY range makes use of EC PUL (Polymeric Ultralight) fans made of composite material. Premium energy efficiency levels are achieved by the accurate management of the fan parameters such as flow rate, power and pressure. The result is the best system operation in any working condition.
Furthermore, the INVERTER technology on the compressor regulates the power capacity according to the real requirements of the servers. The unit performance at partial loads is optimized, rapidly increasing its efficiency and reducing its consumption.
NEXT EVO INV DX U direct expansion precision air conditioners equipped with BLDC inverter scroll compressor matched with TEAM MATE remote air cooled condensers represent a perfect example of reliability and efficiency. The use of direct free cooling increases furthermore the efficiency of the system.

Reliability in IT Cooling
Today there are only 42 Data Centers throughout the world, that have been Tier IV Constructed Facility certified, and only 18 of these structures are located in Europe.
In Italy, there are 6 data centers that have obtained Tier IV certification and Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems is the supplier of the cooling systems in 4 of these: Telecom Italia Acilia, Fastweb Milano, and Unipol Pilastro with Climaveneta units and Wiit Spa Milano with RC units, demonstrating the high reliability of its IT Cooling solutions.

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