First Main Sponsor for the Rock band Le Basour

Mad4Music has formalized in these recent days that an agreement was reached with Alex Stefani Insurance who now becomes Official Partner of the band Le Basour for the entire year of 2018.
As an Official Partner, Alex Stefani Assicurazioni will support the band Le Basour in all their live performances here in Italy and also thoose abroad.
It will be the Mad4Music Agency who will be in charge of organizing the live performances of the band in the upcoming Tournèe 2018 that will touch Italian and European Festivals but also national and international Venues .
Alex Stefani: "Music represents the opportunity to combine one's work activity with one's own will to always be in contact with people, keeping in touch through what Music represents for each of us the pleasure of experiencing emotions, feelings, through contact human, through the relationship ....
In the end, the relationship, for our professional philosophy, must always be at the center of everything  in order to give value to the person, to the need of eachone of us, and why not to the need of thoose who prefer to listen good music closed between the four walls of their room or in the middle of 10,000 People".
The agreement with the Treviso band will allow Alex Stefani Assicurazioni to have more visibility on the Web, and here we remember the "numbers" of the band: after the Tournèe of 2017 Le Basour have acquired over 24k followers on the Facebook page and more than half a million views in the YouTube channel.